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As representatives of the membership of the City Developers Orginization, the Board of Directors and our entire staff and affiliates are the primary force working to realize the opportunities for the service and the fulfillment of the obligations set forth to the association as a single entity, and to the library of informative services.



Board of Directors

The CDO Board of Directors is a body of elected and appointed members who jointly oversee the activities of the City Developers Organization.

The board's activities are determined by the powers, duties, and responsibilities delegated to the matters typically detailed in the organization's bylaws. The bylaws specify the number of members of the board, how the members are chosen, and when we are to meet to address company policies.

CDO is currently not a not for profit corporation, but is managed by a volunteer board of directors.

We are looking for vigilant, public-minded, and professional individuals to help guide us into our future growth and development. Being on a Board of Directors is demanding and quite involved in company affairs, and requires decisions that should be well researched and diligently considered for the entire orginization.

Board of Directors
example graphic Chairman of the Board | Terence Herzog

Mr. Herzog has over forty years of investment banking and corporate finance experience, including the management of more than $15 billion in market value for hundreds of individual and institutional clients. He has overseen public and institutional capital raising for small and midsize public and private firms.

Early in his career, Mr. Herzog served as Principal and Officer of several Wall Street brokerage firms, including Bruns, Nordemann and Rea; Phillips, Appel and Walden; and Buttonwood Securities Corp.

In 1973, he co-founded Elms Capital Management Corp., a registered financial advisory and management company, and later established the Elms Securities, Commodities and Government Securities Corps. Mr. Herzog has acted as CEO and Chair of a leading electrical contracting company and a bio-technology firm, and consulted to the National Security Advisor to the President of the United States. He has served in numerous corporate advisory positions and spurred a variety of successful entrepreneurial ventures.

example graphic Co-Chair | Deborah Jackson

Deborah Jackson's corporate experience encompasses the broad field of Human Resource Administration where she worked as an Employment Supervisor, EEO Officer and Labor Relations Manager in New York City.

She then went into higher education at Fairleigh Dickinson University, the largest private university in the state of New Jersey, as the University Assistant Director for Affirmative Action. Ms. Jackson is Co-Founder of the Youth Development Foundation, Inc., which awards scholarships to teens between the ages of 13 and 17 with performing talents from around the world. Ms. Jackson strongly believes in volunteerism and has for over 30 years given her time and voice to community based organizations.

She sits on the boards of the New York Urban League, Black Women for Black Girls, Make the Grade Foundation, Insight For New Housing and Wheelchair Charities that has raised millions of dollars to mobilize, educate and entertain quadriplegics and paraplegics.

She has been recognized by many organizations for her volunteerism including the American Association of University Women, Uptown Dance Academy and was given a Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition by Congressman Charles Rangel. Debi is the Producer of the Hal Jackson's Talented Teens International® (HJTTI) Scholarship Competition. She is responsible for coordinating all facets of a program, which awards college scholarships to its participants. HJTTI has been in existence for over 40 years and has been an internationally syndicated television special. Debi schedules contests, hotels and venues for the international program, writes scripts, screens talent, edits the souvenir journal, writes newsletters and press releases, and secures sponsorships.

Debi B's voice (she is known as Debi B in the radio world) can be heard every Sunday on 107.5 WBLS opposite her husband, the legendary Hal Jackson until his death in May 2012. The Sunday Classics has been rated number one for well over ten years. It has the largest listening audience in the history of Sunday radio and had run from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (the longest live broadcast in the United States) in the New York tristate area.

example graphic Vice President | Robert McGrady

Mr. McGrady is the President of the PowerZone Foundation, Fitness Director of Strength and Fitness Club, President of the Black Studies Alumni at Rutgers University and President at East Orange HS/Clifford J. Scott Alumni Association. He serves as an Eisenhower Foundation Youth Mentor, is Co-Chair for the East Orange First Friday's Youth Commission and serves on the Brookside Housing Board for Senior Citizens. He is the founder of the Simba Male Mentoring Group.

He grew up in the city of East Orange, NJ and was a member of the Clifford J. Scott Basketball Team, the 1982 State Champions. He attended Rutgers University at Newark where he was the MVP of the varsity Basketball Team his freshman year. He graduated with a BA in Political Science.

He worked in the insurance industry for 10 years as a Technical Claims Specialist and two years as a Telecommunications Sales Representative with Avaya Technologies, formerly Lucent Technologies.  He decided to pursue a career in the fitness industry after seeing so many people fall victim to obesity and bad health do to hectic lifestyles.

He is the Fitness Director of Strength-N-fitness and teaches a Total Body Conditioning Class. His hobbies include sports, spending lots of time with family, and helping inner-city youths.

example graphic Treasurer | Gerald Delet, CFA, CPA

Mr. Delet  is the Chief Financial Officer of Americores, responsible for the both the financial and business operations of the company.

He has a distinguished 30-year track record in arranging financing for major films, television programs, and entertainment projects, including Dog Day Afternoon, Serpico and Scarface.

Delet is the CFO for companies, is responsible for leading business operations, taking companies public, including working for many high networth businesses, high income professionals, handles all their financials, manages their taxes including generating all agreements and contracts.

He served as Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice-President of Artist Entertainment Complex, Inc., a public corporation controlled by Martin Bregman. Mr. Delet has also founded career management companies serving high net worth individuals in the entertainment arena. From 1959 to 1970, he was the senior accountant at the C.P.A. firm of Braun & Garelick, where he was responsible for the tax preparation, auditing, and financial and investment portfolio analysis for major manufacturers, distributors, retailers, real estate companies, and affluent individuals.

Mr. Delet holds a B.S. in Economics from Albright College and was awarded membership in the Phi Beta Kappa Accounting Honor Society while at City College Graduate School.

Secretary | Germaine Porter
Secretary |
Chair-Elect |
Past Chair |
Chair, Division Cabinet
Chair-Elect, Division Cabinet
Past Chair, Division Cabinet

If you wish to become part of our board to contribute to the well-being of our programs and should you have further questions, please contact us.




Executive Leadership Team

The Executive Management Team consists of the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Operational Officer (COO), Chief Financial Officer and Senior Executive Director and are responsible for day-to-day management of CDO and manage the Senior Management Team.

Cynthia F. Jewell

Chief Executive Officer | Cynthia F. Jewell, MPA, CNM

Cynthia Jewell is a serial entrepreneur who enjoys developing businesses coupled with her passion for the nonprofit sector. Many describe her as knowledgeable, empowering, and sincere in helping others achieve their business goals.

Her career experience spans over 20 years in executive management ~ and some non-management ~ positions across sectors: corporate, nonprofit, public and entrepreneurial. She gained invaluable experience by working in various industries such as retail, health and life insurance, real estate (mortgages, appraising, investing), consumer lending, home healthcare, medical, janitorial, and event planning acquiring skills and expertise from some of the best business leaders in the country.

Cynthia earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration ~ Marketing from Fairleigh Dickinson University in Teaneck, NJ, a Master of Public Administration, and Certification in Nonprofit Management (CNM) from Rutgers University in Newark, NJ. She is a NJ Notary and is a former NJ Real Estate Appraiser.

She has gained recognition as Small Business of the Year by the New Jersey Small Business Development Center @ Rutgers University ~ Newark (in which she is now a consultant) and while in graduate school, honored with the prestigious Executive Women of New Jersey President's Award.

Cynthia is the proud mother of two beautiful daughters ~ one active military and the other a high school honor roll student overcoming the challenges of autism.

example graphic

Executive Vice President, Chief Compliance | Abu Bakr Salaam

Abu Salaam's overall responsibility is for the Company's corporate compliance programs and reports to the Chief Executive Officer.

Mr. Salaam has been the owner of SCM Construction, Inc. which has enjoyed over 40 years of success in the Northeast. He is proud of his heritage and success as a locally owned and operated business. SCM has strived to provide quality products and services to the construction industry. They are an employee owned company, serving the public and private sectors. SCM delivers high quality projects safely and on time allowing the ability to combine innovative construction methods and accountable project management to get the job done, and to get it done right.

He prides himself in having some of the most knowledgeable staff in the industry, trained and prompted to deliver quality and to serve his client’s needs.

For added comfort, he implemented Surety Bonds to provide financial security and construction assurance assuring each owner that, with discipline as a key motivator, he will perform the work and employ all contractors, laborers, and material suppliers to the best of his ability.

With expertise and long term contracting experience, he provides construction services for custom homes, apartment buildings, shopping centers, hospitals, restaurants, retail stores, etc. He specializes in all types of concrete work, and also offer construction services for schools, parks, libraries, sidewalks, parking lots, water sewages etc. His company is one of the most reputable construction companies in New Jersey, specializing in complete construction services, as well as remodeling and renovation services for residential and commercial projects.

example graphic

Chief Information Officer | Everard Davis, CIO

Everard Davis is responsible for providing strategic and information leadership, which includes implementing effective organization structure, communications and public affairs activities, high-level relations with the governments and city leaders, HR strategies and management of the IT division.

His experience on Wall Street is training, consulting and working with many entrepreneurs to create great concepts in a variety of industries, implementing his background to pull from many avenues and resources to capture each client’s vision that turns their interest into revenue. He has been credited with vast experience in taking companies from start-up operations guiding them into becoming multi-million dollar companies by creating, recognizing and establishing their full potential, identities and marketability.

Mr. Everard Davis is the Chairman & CEO of TDD Investments and Vice President of International Affairs for Quasar88, LLC and a 29+ year veteran in business development. With extensive international business strategy experience in America, Africa and Bermuda, he has developed the ability to connect with people across multiple cultures and environments. His whole career has been founded on doing what he does best: bringing two worlds together by providing people-to-people contacts. Mr. Davis has vast experience working with local community leadership on significant socially conscious projects. He maintains an entrepreneurial spirit that spurs him to success working across multiple industries.

Mr. Davis also has vast experience in building start-ups and has spent over 15 years working and building a manufacturing, wholesale and Internet business of his own on 47th Street. He is also the founder and president of The Diamond District Inc., New York, a wholesale, manufacturing and marketing firm that provides services to corporations and manufacturers, and in 1996 was the first to take the diamond and jewelry business direct to the retail market through the internet. Home of the First Diamond sold online!

Mr. Davis completed his primary education in Bermuda, high school in Yonkers, NY and a higher education in Accounting and Computer Science at Mercy College and Lehman College, NY and completed his certification in Advertising and Commercial Arts at the Center for the Media Arts, NY.

His passion is youth development and for community involvement in the redevelopment of inner city neighborhoods, and his familiarity with the needs of young military families has led him to support benevolent organizations like the Soldiers', Sailors', Marine's & Airmen's Club Fund (SSMAC).

example graphic

Chief Regional Director | Karen Malone

Malone's primary responsibilities as the Chief Regional Director is to review the overall performance of each assigned group of the organization, conduct and attend regional meetings for assigned regions, answer operational questions and issues from local directors and Technicians, assist in monitoring overall customer satisfaction, and maintain communication with all state and city directors on a regular basis.

Malone's impeccable organizational, interpersonal, supervisory abilities and skills has contributed to maintaining corporate structure and lead her to becoming the Chairman & CEO's personal assistant of Inner City Broadcasting Corp (the number One radio station in New York owning 17 additional radio stations across the country) for the past 20 years. She manages the CDO Senior Management Team which comprises of all Directors who are each in charge of certain areas of the daily operations.

The Program Director and Deputy Program Director are in charge of the campaign areas:
C&E (Climate & Energy), Oceans, Forests, SAGE (Sustainable Agriculture, Genetic Engineering) & Toxics; and the Actions, Science, Political & Business and Legal units.

The Fundraising Director is in charge of fundraising.

The Communications Director is in charge of campaign communications, mobilization & digital networking, communications output and media & images.

The Communications, Fundraising and Deputy Program Director report to the Program Director and IED.

The Development Director is in charge of the Executive Director’s office, development of national & regional offices and global HR and training.

The Organization Director is in charge of IT, Finance, HR and Facilities & Procurement.

The Operations Director is in charge of management of the CDO Operations and Research.

The Development, Organisation and Operations Directors report to the COO and SED.




Regional Directors

The primary responsibilities of the RD are to review the overall performance of assigned group of the organization, conduct and attend regional meetings for assigned regions, answer operational questions and issues from local directors and Technicians, assist in monitoring overall customer satisfaction, and maintain communication with all state and city directors on a regular basis.



State & City Directors

The overall responsibilities of the state & city directors are to analyze local performance and provide feedback, guidance, training and encouragement in order to impact result, assist in the developing of new local operations, procedures and policies, and assist training department with new regions and ongoing training.



Team Leaders

The team leader plays a variety of roles, including coaching, training, observing, and governing the responsibilities of their local projects which is essential to ensuring high quality programs. Team leaders prepare the team of members to provide pertinent information and dialogs with community leaders and the activities to developers. Their responsibilities include planning and implementing effective research & development sessions, facilitating team meetings, and delegating members to use developmentally appropriate practices with local operations.





Glossary of administrative support job descriptions

Executive Assistant

Performs administrative duties for executive management. Responsibilities may include screening calls, making travel and meeting arrangements, preparing reports and financial data, training and supervising other support staff, and customer relations. Requires strong computer and internet research skills. Also calls for flexibility, excellent interpersonal skills, project coordination experience, and the ability to work well with all levels of internal management and staff, as well as outside clients and vendors.

Senior Executive Assistant

Duties include those described for the executive assistant but require stronger work experience within each function. Supports the most senior executive, particularly in large corporations. May supervise other administrative staff. Possesses advanced computer skills along with the ability to train others on system usage. A premium paid for specific industry or market experience.

Senior Administrative Assistant

Duties include those described for administrative assistant but require stronger work experience within each function. Supports senior level managers and may supervise other support staff. A premium is paid for specific industry or market experience. Advanced computer skills with the ability to train others in system usage is preferred.

Administrative Assistant

Performs administrative and office support activities for multiple supervisors. Duties may include fielding telephone calls, receiving and directing visitors, word processing, filing, and faxing. Extensive software skills are required, as well as Internet research abilities and strong communication skills. Staff in this category also may have the title of department assistant, coordinator, or associate.

Entry-Level Administrative Assistant

Performs a variety of Internet research functions and uses word processing, spreadsheets and presentation software. Duties also include fielding telephone calls, filing and data entry. May assist with overflow work from administrative and executive assistants, and fill in for the office receptionist as needed.


Senior Office/Facilities Manager

Responsibilities include those described for office manager, but this position requires more extensive experience and management skills. Duties may include selecting office vendors and supervising purchasing processes, directing mailroom and maintenance staff, and coordination of regular building maintenance staff. Solid communication and staff management skills are required, as well as some accounting knowledge.

Office/Facilities Manager

Coordinates various office support services, including purchasing and facilities management. Requires strong communication skills and some accounting knowledge. May include supervision of office administrative staff.

Human Resources Assistant

Responsibilities may include screening telephone calls, scheduling interviews, researching the Internet to locate potential job candidates, scanning resumes, and assisting with planning new employee coordination meeting, compiling materials and maintaining employee database records. Strong computer skills required, as well as sensitivity to confidential matters.

Marketing Assistant

Duties include those described for administrative assistant, but this position typically supports a marketing department exclusively. May assist both fulltime employees and consulting or freelance staff. Additional duties include assisting with trade show and event planning, creating or updating presentation software files, tracking budgets and expenses, and communicating with external creative service providers.

Sales Assistant

Duties include those described for administrative assistance, but this position supports a sales department exclusively. May assist regional sales staff based in remote locations (i.e., not in the central office). Additional responsibilities may include processing expense reports, coordinating the submission of proposals, planning meetings, tracking sales progress, troubleshooting minor technical problems, maintaining department database records, and serving as a liaison between traveling sales representatives and staff based in the home office. Strong computer and organization skills are required.


Project Coordinator

Works with internal and external parties to organize the various components needed to initiate, run and conclude major projects. Duties include coordinating schedules and activities, placing orders for supplies and services, and tracking progress and results. Requires excellent communication skills and extensive knowledge of database and project management software. Often reports to product development, project management or marketing executives. The position is especially prevalent in construction, transportation and technology industries. A premium is paid for the industry experience.

Presentation/Graphics Specialist

Duties include using presentation software programs (such as Microsoft PowerPoint) to create presentations for meetings and events. Also may edit material and provide basic instruction to presenters on how to use a particular program.


Logistics Coordinator

Responsible for the logistical processing of customer orders, includes coordination with vendors, sales staff, customer service representatives, billing representatives, warehouse and shippers. Arranges shipment of requested items, goods or merchandise. Some background experience in purchasing, inventory control, transportation and warehousing functions is needed. Computer proficiency also is required.

Front Desk Coordinator

Manages the company’s lobby area. Greets and directs all visitors, including vendors, clients, job candidates and customers. Ensures completion of paperwork, sign-in and security procedures. Handles special administrative projects, as well as overflow work from department and executive assistants. Depending on the size of the firm, also may answer incoming calls.


Greets visitors, handles incoming calls and performs general administrative duties. Also may assist other administrative staff with overflow work, including word processing, data entry and internet research tasks.

Switchboard Operator

Places, receives and routes a high volume of calls through an electric switchboard. Supplies information to callers, relays messages and announces visitors.


Office Assistant

Performs basic clerical tasks. Operates basic office equipment. Sorts and routes incoming materials. May require computer and data entry skills.

Mail Assistant

Sorts and distributes incoming and outgoing mail. Operates manual and electrical mailing equipment. Position usually found in larger companies.

File Clerk

Performs basic clerical tasks, such as systematically arranging letters, memoranda, invoices and other indexed documents according to an established system. Operates office equipment and completes general office work. Sorts and distributes mail. Required proficiency in basic word processing, spreadsheet and database programs. Additional duties may include answering telephones and some data entry.

Imaging Specialist

Sorts and prepares documents for imaging correctly and accurately indexes images. Must have knowledge of document imaging/scanning hardware and software, and experience creating electronic copies of documents. Strong computer skills, including experience with Microsoft Office and document creation software such as Adobe Acrobat, are required.


Senior Data Entry Specialist

Prioritizes and batches material for data entry. Completes information analysis for procedures and reports. Requires knowledge of technical material and the ability to train and supervise others. Capable of high volume data entry.

Data Entry Specialist

Inputs information from a variety of sources into a computer database. May take customer orders and enter them into a pre-established tracking system.

Customer Service Manager

Hires, trains and manages member of the customer service department. Resolves difficult issues regarding client complaints and other matters. Works closely with managers in other departments, such as sales, on updating policies and procedures for client services.

Senior Customer Service Representative

Duties include those described for customer service representative but require stronger work experience for each function. Additional duties may include proactive communication with customers and client via telephone, e-mail, or regular mail; managing database records; drafting status reports on customer service issues; and supervising staff.

Customer Service Representative

Duties include receiving and placing telephone calls. Maintains solid customer relationships by handling their questions and concerns with speed and professionalism. Performs data entry and uses software programs. Also may require research skills to trouble shoot customer problems. Excellent communication abilities are essential.