About CDO

Our mission is to provide guidance and assistance in implementing programs designated to elevate the environment within urban cities, particularly stressed neighborhoods.

Our goal is to enhance the character and diversity of inner city’s neighborhoods while supporting sustainable economic growth that expands opportunities for residents enabling a higher quality of life within the community, ultimately contributing to the wealth, health and future for a productive environment.

We target suburban community homes and buildings in need of assistance that are in disrepair and an eyesore to the community. The program is geared to include employment opportunities within the neighborhood in addition to rotating the skills of the younger generation.

The City Development Organization of New Jersey (CDONJ) is currently the only available state with a strong team working together with individuals across the country that has taken the initiative to set the pilot template program for the United States of America.

CDONJ partners with organizations on a city, state and federal level to assist in various community empowerment zones.

We aim to provide interested groups or individuals with a wide range of easily accessible and useful information, and a variety of opportunities to participate in programs, projects, and public processes that will shape the future of your community.

Our expertise and long term contracting experience lends construction services to developers of custom homes, apartment buildings, shopping centers, hospitals, restaurants, retail stores, etc.

Ultimately, our goal is to provide the area with an enriched, well-maintained welcoming look.